Combination Therapy With Exenatide Plus Pioglitazone Versus Basal/Bolus Insulin in Poorly Controlled Patients With Type 2 Diabetes on Sulfonylurea Plus Metformin: The Qatar Study

January 17, 2017. This randomized controlled trial evaluated the efficacy of combination pioglitazone plus exenatide compared with basal-bolus insulin in a patient cohort (N=231) with long-standing type 2 diabetes and inadequately controlled blood glucose (A1C >7.5%). All patients were currently being managed with metformin plus a sulfonylurea; mean patient baseline A1C was ~10%, and patients were followed for 12 months. Treatment with the pioglitazone/exenatide combination led to mean A1C reductions of 6.1%. Patients who used insulin achieved a mean A1C of 7.1%. Patients in the insulin cohort experienced greater weight gain and a higher rate of hypoglycemia compared to patients receiving pioglitazone/exenatide. Click here for full article