A Fixed Ratio Combination of Insulin Degludec and Liraglutide (IDegLira) Reduces Glycemic Fluctuation and Brings More Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Within Blood Glucose Target Ranges

March 2017. This analysis assessed glycemic fluctuations and day-to-day blood glucose variability in patients treated with IDegLira compared with either insulin degludec (IDeg) or liraglutide alone. Investigators analyzed data from 2 randomized trials in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D); in particular, 9-point self-monitored blood glucose (SMBG) profiles and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) data from a patient subset. Patients treated with IDegLira were more likely to have SMBG values in target ranges for pre- and postprandial values and for the full 9-point profile (P &lt0.05 for all). Patients taking IDegLira also had greater reductions in the range of 24-hour SMBG values and interstitial glucose fluctuations. The study investigators concluded that IDegLira enables more patients with T2D to maintain blood glucose level within target ranges throughout the day. Click here for full article