IDegLira Is Effective in a Real-World Type 2 Diabetes Population

January 11, 2018. A European, retrospective chart review of adults (N=611) with type 2 diabetes evaluated the effect of IDegLira (a fixed-ratio combination of insulin degludec/liraglutide) on A1C, body weight, and other clinical characteristics ≥6 months after treatment initiation. Patients were stratified according to their baseline regimens: non-injectable therapies; glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1 RAs) + oral antidiabetic drugs (OADs); combination insulin/GLP-1 RA + OADs; basal insulin + OADs; and multiple daily insulin injections (MDI) + OADs. After 6 months, significant reductions in A1C were observed in patients overall (-0.9%; P<0.0001) and in each subgroup. Mean body weight was also reduced in patients overall (-0.7 kg; P< 0.05) and in the MDI subgroup (-2.4 kg; P<0.0001). Titration of IDegLira dose was moderate across all subgroups, and an 82% reduction in hypoglycemia rates was observed (rate ratio: 0.18; P<0.0001). The investigators concluded that IDegLira is effective in reducing A1C and body weight, with a lowered risk of hypoglycemia, in real-world practice. Read the abstract here.