Severe Hypoglycemia Among Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Requiring Emergency Hospital Admission: The HIPOS-ER Study

June 5, 2017. This cross-sectional, observational, multicenter study analyzed the prevalence of severe hypoglycemia in patients with type 2 diabetes taking antihyperglycemic agents and requiring emergency room (ER) assistance. Over the study period, data from 425,706 ER admissions were evaluated, and 238 (0.074%) patients met the study criteria. Median patient age was 77.5 years, and patients had a mean duration of diabetes of 19 years; 55% were on insulin therapy and 31.5% were receiving oral secretagogues. Patients receiving secretagogues were more likely to be admitted to the hospital compared with the insulin group (70.7% vs 29.0%; P<0.001). The most common triggering cause of hypoglycemia (55.9%) was missing a meal or low carbohydrate content in a meal. The most common triggers for ER visits were pre-syncope (19.2%) and transient loss of consciousness (17.4%). Click here for full article